Email marketing campaigns that look good and are responsive

An important factor in recent exponential growth and belief in the medium is the improvement in email technology on mobile devices. Most of us are aware of how mobile device use has become essential to our lives. Little convincing is needed to show how closely email use corresponds with those trends.

It is so important that impact is maintained for a person who chooses to read their email on a mobile device. Many people choose quiet times to catch up on emails and increasingly they are finding it better to do this away from their desktop machines and rather on their mobile devices.

Once the emails land in your potential customers’ inboxes, getting them to open, read and respond can be challenging, depending on what you offer. Messaging through design and wording can go a long way to get the results you need. Responsive design and coding for mobile viewing is now a non-negotiable pre-requisite.

Mastering the technical considerations for responsive email is a never-ending goal and isn’t easy. Responsive emailer coding is stricter than responsive website coding. With a little know-how, a few extra lines of code make it possible to show a person something just as wonderful on a narrow screen. Some of the technical considerations include inline styles, choosing when to use tables as opposed to divs and email reader specific quirks.

Design considerations include avoiding detail that may be lost when images shrink and using block elements that can stack beneath each other.

We’re confident that while creating something with impact and beauty, it will work in all HTML email readers and on all devices.

Email is being used more than ever. It’s being used more than expected, considering the choice of communication methods around today. Even the new laws governing data protection aren’t expected to slow the growth much. The main reason for the growth in email marketing is the staggeringly high return on investment. Make sure you get yours.

responsive emailer design and coding
responsive emailer design and coding
responsive emailer design and coding
responsive email design

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