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Web design, UX and other branding considerations

If you don’t have a firm grasp of how you want you convey your brand and the information you wish to impart, we suggest sitting down with us as content and user experience experts. If you have some ideas and are able to write about it, we can flesh it out together until we are able to translate your intentions and aspirations for your brand into something that looks awesome, gives people a good experience and gets them to act on your offering.

Traditionally the look and feel of a brand is most often set up with the design of a logo and stationery. Today it is imperative that you iron out many of these branding considerations in the layout and UX (user experience) of your website. Because your website is most likely going to be your most important marketing tool.

Responsive design

It is essential that all online creative be responsive. From WordPress theme customisation to nuts and bolts HTML layouts; everything we do in code is responsive. We can also convert your existing website into a responsive one, even if you want to keep the main aspects of it’s design. Websites and emails have to look good and must be easy to use on all devices. For many of the sites we build, we use the extremely flexible and highly recommendable Divi theme.

We are based in Cape Town where we do designs for websites, emails, brochures, logos, banners, landing pages and many other types of online and print marketing material.

We also offer services for digital marketing that include animated banner creative for paid search and social media campaigns.

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